Follow the adventures of two buxom wench's who love to craft, create and bedazzle. By day they sell their soul to the commercial fashion world... BUT BEHOLD! by night they don their crafty capes to glue gun the world to greater heights!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Once upon a time...

Boob & the Bottle is the creative love child for two crafty ladies Miss Bron and Miss Lindy. They met at work and were soon drawn to each other by their quirky dress sense and slightly crazy sense of humour/reality. They soon discovered that they both lived near each other in the mountainous dandenong foothills (Belgrave & The Basin). They then bonded over many a bottle of shiraz and an undying love for the glue gun... "there aint nothin we cain't stick"
and so we share our adventures...

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