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Thursday, July 26, 2012

wedding bedazz (behind the scenes)

2012 has already been a huge year for both miss bronsta and miss lindy lou... as these 2 wild lass's both got married! (not to each other) but to two brave, strong, extremely long suffering amazing men who both cook and somehow survive/yet manage to still love their slightly unhinged wives. Bless their cotton socks...

Miss Lindy Lou's likes to leave things to the last minute... one of her favourite sayings is "a quick job is a good job". Where as Miss Bronsta on the other hand is a bit of a perfectionist. With our power's combined we whipped up some funky bedazzled bling to create a colourful winter wedding.

Miss Lindy glue gunning a fa-shizz out of a pair of $20 pay less shoes (take that Manolo!)
miss lindy kept asking me "am I adding too much?"

to which I replied "hunny more is more"
crafting up a storm in miss bronsta's lounge room
 miss lindy looking lost in a pile of feathers and lace
 piecing it together bit by bit
 lindy stitched rosette's as bronsta positioned and pinned
 almost there, pinned in place (we just dumped a pile of bling on some shoes for inspiration)
 the masterpiece is complete!
 top view
next onto some giant brooch bedazzling

the finished product...

more installments from miss bronsta and miss linty lou to follow soon 
peace out & "may the glue gun be with you"

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